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2009 GX stereo install, with rear speakers!

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  • 2009 GX stereo install, with rear speakers!

    Like many GX owners, i recently had a nav system installed with the traditional front speaker only setup. The stereo was a big upgrade and life was good.

    But i grew dissatisfied and remained convinced that sound was possible in the rear. My research led me to a dealer that did a full install with some custom fabrication work.

    New system: Pioneer avic 700bt, Sirius kit, IPOD kit, Infinity 5350 5 channel amp, infinity component speakers in all 4 corners and a 10" infinity sub in the trunk. System sounds amazing.

    The dealer that installed it had already completed a very high end system for another NGV owner. Essentially, to get the install done for me, the dealer fully removed the back deck, cut the holes for 6.5" speakers and custom made stock looking grill covers. The dealer dynamatted all the speaker setups for great sound. Apparently, there is plenty of room for speakers above or near the tank. The rest of the car was a typical install. Amp is mounted on the wall in the trunk and the 10" sub sits in a box at one end of the trunk. Overall gave up about 10% of my trunk space.

    The key here is that i found a dealer with prior NGV experience that was not afraid to do some custom work on the car. It can be done and IMHO, is well worth it. The car looks very stock, with the exception of the head unit. Frankly, it looks like a standard nav system, available in other civics. I paid a bit of a premium for the work, but now my car rocks.

    I love my gx and now it has just gone to the next level. FYI, Ken.
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    Re: 2009 GX stereo install, with rear speakers!

    pictures brother!!


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      Re: 2009 GX stereo install, with rear speakers!

      Sounds like a nice system. When I had the back of my 2006 opened up to look at why there are no rear speakers, I noticed the steel portion of the rear shelf is about cut in half from what is there on a non-CNG Civic. I would assume this is for installation and removal of the CNG tank--in the Civic it is installed through the rear door. Possibly Honda didn't think it was worth it to re-engineer the shelf for the number of fleet cars we have to give us four speakers.


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        Re: 2009 GX stereo install, with rear speakers!

        I just put two surface mount Pioneers on the rear deck. No cutting, etc., just run the wires.
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          Re: 2009 GX stereo install, with rear speakers!

          One much?