It was cold, and I got back in the car and was listening to the radio. I had been in several parking garages today, and there was always a "beep" before the exit gate lifted after paying. When the pump beeped, I absent-mindedly started the car and drove off. All of a sudden, there was a terrific bang/thump on the car, and I think it was felt as well as heard. The safety disconnects had released, and I guess the initial pressure in the hose sent it flying hard into the car. there is rubber and scuffs on the car and tail-light, but nothing got broken on the car. After quickly ascertaining that there was no gas leaking from anywhere, I called PG&E on the on-site emergency phone. The operator took my cell number, and a couple of minutes later a PG&E CNG tech called me from Merced or Modesto, I forget. He has me check a few things, stash the hose where it would be safe, and said he'd fix it tomorrow.

The nipple on the tank seems fine. Does anyone know if it needs to be checked, or are the "break-aways" on the hoses set to a safe level so no damage is done to the fitting?