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Need help buying a good cng honda?

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  • Need help buying a good cng honda?

    Hello im brand new to cng . I noticed that the civic has been making cng cars since 1999 or sooner . How do you fill one of these cars with fuel . Can you fill one tank with cng and the other with gasoline? I also am wondering about trunk space and mileage out of these cars im only interested in 5 speeds. So basically i dont kn ow anything and im hoping you can fill me in. I also wondering can you fill these cars up at your local propane co . Like amerigas ? Thanks for time and help ahead of time.

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    Re: Need help buying a good cng honda?

    All the information can be obtained at They run on CNG only, and you loose about 1/2 the trunk and it only can be fueled up and a proper CNG station. There are about 200 in southern CA.
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      Re: Need help buying a good cng honda?

      CNG can be purchased at a public station, or you can buy a pump which will take your home 'natural gas' supply and put it in your car. The car cannot use gasoline or propane -- there is only one tank. Automatic transmission is standard -- no manual trans available. You might be able to find a used bi-fuel (two tanks -- CNG and gasoline) Contour or Cavalier, but I wouldn't recommend it.
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