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Fuel Filters on 2005 GX

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  • Fuel Filters on 2005 GX

    Hi. I'm looking for fuel filters for my wife's 05. The rear filter is the same as the 2006+, but the other filter appears to be a complete assembly and not a simple or cheap replacement. Am I correct? On the 2006+ one can replace both elements. Doesn't look that way for the 2005. If so, how much do they cost for the 05 and is it critical to replace it? Thanks.

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    Re: Fuel Filters on 2005 GX

    Hi I"m also looking for a front fuel filter for my 04 I got this number from the dealer 16230pmsa03 for the front filter.138 bucks sounds kind of high.


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      Re: Fuel Filters on 2005 GX

      Yeah, it looks like an oil filter which they charge an arm and a leg for. If you fuel at public stations then changing it once in a while is probably a good idea. Honda's service interval assumes really bad conditions which only exist at poorly maintained stations, in freezing climates (water in the gas), or with poorly processed 'well gas'. But, if junk gets through, the repairs are really expensive.
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