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  • GXs in supply.

    I have been getting tons of calls from dealers saying that they have GXs for sale.. What used to be a virtual impossibility is now reality. With gas at $60/barrel people are dusting off their SUVs and quickly forgetting the woes of weeks past. Not to mention the bright shiny SUVs at the dealerships with the marked down prices...

    How typical is this?? I don't think there will be a major push for change until gas is gone completely.
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    Re: GXs in supply.

    You're right. I have always had GX sales slow when gas prices fall, and climb again with price increases. The smart buyer doesn't wait for the upswing. Kinda like buying bathing suits in the winter and coats in the summer.

    Remember, there will be fewer GX's on dealers lots this year, so if gas prices skyrocket again before the next model year... the availability may be worse than this past summer.
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      Re: GXs in supply.

      I assume the resale of our used vehicles is down now too, and CNG doesn't seemed to have fallen as much. Maybe time to use the Escape Hybrid, Civic Hybrid, or the old reliable Kia Spectra for a while. With about 80,000 miles per year in driving, it's good to rotate a little anyway


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        Re: GXs in supply.

        80k per year? I thought I was a road warrior, I see my name should be peewee compared to you. I am now bowing! Dang!

        As for the ups and downs of Americans love for their SUVs...I do believe that the pain was far deeper this time. Visibility seems to be working too, that is the commute lane is a big draw in SoCal.

        For me of course its all of the above, reasons to buy. I plan to hang on to this puppy until at least 100K. There will be more pain though 2009 is likely to see low fuel prices.