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Picking Up Our New '09 Civic GX Tonight

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  • Picking Up Our New '09 Civic GX Tonight

    My wife and I are headed to the dealership to pick up our new '09 GX tonight. I started reading the posts here at CNG Chat a few months back and we got onto a waiting list at that time here in Wisconsin. It seems like we are relatively fortunate in that we have a good four or five stations around here that we should be able to use (SouthEast Wisconsin).

    The dealer called on Monday to let us know our car was in, which was a bit of a surprise because I had been told to expect it in two or three weeks.

    Overall, I think we made the right decision in getting a GX as my wife will primarily be using it for her daily commute and there is still a good price savings on fuel (gas vs. CNG) in our area.

    Any last minute words of advice? Pros, cons, experiences with the GX? I am the type of guy that usually second-guesses his big-dollar purchases, but I think this is the right one.



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    Re: Picking Up Our New '09 Civic GX Tonight

    Good decision of course. As long as you have access to a reliable fuel station nearbye you cant go wrong. You also have to consider the GX gets better mileage than most the cars out there. Many in here have reported 40+ mpg on long trips.
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      Re: Picking Up Our New '09 Civic GX Tonight

      Get the wing spoiler. It make the car look awesome!


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        Re: Picking Up Our New '09 Civic GX Tonight

        Just try not to hurt your face, smiling as you drive past the gasoline stations, particularly when gas prices are on the rise. Trust me, you'll be spoiled in no time and hunting for another, cuz your wife won't want to let you drive "her car".