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Does a GX "scrub" the air

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  • Does a GX "scrub" the air

    A number of times I've heard people (and articles) mention scrubbing the air. That is, air from the tail pipe being cleaner than the surrounding air. I have not been able to determine if this is ever true or not.

    For instance, in my local area the air quality web page,, records PM2.5, Ozone, NO2, and NO. With bars marking the EPA ratings for bad air days. But I don't know the normal output of these regulated emissions for the GX.

    On a bad air day, is the air coming out of the tail pipe going to be lower in these monitored emissions than the air coming in?

    Robert '07 GX

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    Re: Does a GX "scrub" the air

    I've heard that too, but I was under the impression that putting clean air into the engine would produce cleaner air out the tailpipe than the air in large cities. I don't think they actually 'scrub' the air. I'd like to hear more.
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      Re: Does a GX "scrub" the air

      I suppose it would partially be relative to where you are. If in Los Angeles driving down the 5 Fwy corridor... you're exaust emissions are most certainly going to be cleaner than the air going into a GX's intake. Generally speaking, you're about 87% fewer toxic emissions than a standard gasoline engine, with 20%-25% lower GHG emissions. When I last had my GX smogged, it read zero's all the way across. The guy said it was the cleanest car he ever tested.

      Does it "scrub" the air? No. Does it burn off any of the emissions floating around from diesels and gasoline cars, definitely. The dirtier the intake air, the bigger the difference at the tailpipe. Garbage in, daiseys out? not quite.