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Glut of '08 GX cars for sale.

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  • Glut of '08 GX cars for sale.

    While getting the Blue Tooth system and up graded alarm removed from my new '08 GX at Galpin Honda in San Fernando / Mission Hills CA, I counted 3 '08 GX in green and 13 '08 GX in white -- on the lot ready to buy. Sounds like a great opportunity especially since the '09s are just around the corner. Good luck.

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    Re: Glut of '08 GX cars for sale.

    FYI, I spent quite a bit of time talking with Galpin. Very bad experience. On the phone, two different people clearly stated they would sell a new GX for under MSRP because they had several of them. But as soon as I tried to move ahead, even at MSRP, suddenly the price changed to MSRP plus $3,000. Why waste your time getting jerked around at Galpin?


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      Re: Glut of '08 GX cars for sale.

      UtahScott -- too bad you had a poor experience at Galpin. You should have asked for a price quote from the internet sales team. I did and they sent me a firm price ON PAPER which I used to shop other dealers before I bought from John Mulador at Galpin. And to be fair, you cannot buy a car over the phone . . . so what did you expect? But, yes, $3,000. over MSRP is out of line. I know of two other CNGchat members who very recently bought at Galpin for about $1,000 over which included Bluetooth and an alarm. Not too bad considering the $500.00 increase in MSRP for the '09 GX. But as Curtis (Palmdale Honda) will attest, it is a seller's market with the GX . . . and with the CA $3,000. rebate funds coming to a close in early 2009, how much longer (is anyone) prepared to wait? If you think that prices are high now, hold on to your hat when the first of the '09 GXs hit the lot.


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        Re: Glut of '08 GX cars for sale.

        The dealers in the South Bay were asking 5K above MSRP and was strictly due to demand. They get 5 new Gx's at a time with an avg waiting list of 30 people for them each time. Since the list goes on and on every time, by the end of the year they simply stop keeping the list. I am Soo glad mine came out to 500 below MSRP, but with the extended warranty, taxes etc, that price jumped right back in to the original ballpark I was guestimating.
        I still have my name on the list even though I got my 09GX just to see how the prices fair if and when ever they call me.
        Silver 09 GX
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