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  • Civic GX - US/Canadian Parts Content

    I have been wondering about this for a while ...

    The 2008 GX window sticker says that it is made from 70% (by cost)
    US/Canadian parts. But this is the same percentage stated on the regular
    Civic. I figure the $6830 incremental cost for CNG has got to push this
    one way or another, compared with the standard Civic. Does anyone know
    where the CNG tank is made? How about some of the other expensive CNG
    related parts? Could it be that the GX is over 75% US/Canadian parts??

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    Re: Civic GX - US/Canadian Parts Content

    My guess is that they didn't think about this too much and they just used the figure for the gasoline Civic. After all, they make 1000 GXs a year and who knows how many thousands of gasoline Civics.
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