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55 mpg??

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  • 55 mpg??

    OK..I know that it is hard to tell where a gallon begins and ends on the gauges, but after my first month of ownership and fills, I figure that three bars on the gauge is about a gallon.

    Driving my normal speed and commute from Thousands Oaks to Century City, via Pacific Coast Hwy was getting me about 12 miles to the bar.

    The other night, I got off late and decided to see how far I could go by driving slow and steady. On PCH ,which is flat with few lights(with a posted 45mph), I drove about 30 keeping the RPM at about 1.5. I had to climb up through canyons, and then onto the freeway which has a few ups and downs before steadying out. I went about 55 on the freeway, keeping RPMs at about 2.0.

    Of course easy to do at 3AM, but impossible during the day. I can imagine an 18 wheeler riding your tail at 55MPH. I found that after three bars ticked off, I had driven 55 miles.

    I will be curious to see what I can do, in the real world(during the day), trying to keep the rpms down.

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    Re: 55 mpg??

    Low RPM's is KEY, as is throttle position sensor. I beleive I could get 50 mpg in the cool dense night air. I've done 48, and regularily get 38-40