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How to service GX in non-dealer states

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  • How to service GX in non-dealer states

    I am considering purchasing a low mileage used GX and was wondering about scheduled maintenance. From what I have read the GX is only sold and serviced by a certain number of dealers in a few states. If I purchased a GX in a non-dealer state would I have to drive, lets say six or eight hours, get a hotel room if necessary, and wait to get my scheduled maintence completed? Not sure if all scheduled maintence involves the CNG portion of the vehicle, but the warranty would most likely require the maintence by a dealer only.

    Do most GX owners in non dealer states have to travel for scheduled maintence service and would a non CNG qualified Honda dealer do any repairs on a GX vehicle? It would be a major disadvantage tohave to travel at legnth for any type of repair that I wanted a Honda dealer to perform. Do any members have experience in a situation similar to this?

    Tired of Fix Or Repair Daily in northern Illinois and looking for a second cng vehicle which is newer. The GX appears to be the best choice.

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    Re: How to service GX in non-dealer states

    I had the same question, and I found out there are 3 dealers in my area that are GX certified. There are 2 in the Chicago area. Use the link below, pull down the "refine search" and pick service.

    Find a Honda dealer with this locator page. Search for Honda dealers by zip code, city, state and dealership name.


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      Re: How to service GX in non-dealer states

      If you read your warranty, maintenance can be done by the dealer, an independent shop, or anyone else like the owner. They will only deny warranty coverage if 1) the work wasn't done AND 2) it directly caused an otherwise covered problem.

      There are really only two maintenance things you need to do on a GX that is different than a regular Civic, and that is change the CNG filters. Any dealer should be able to do this, but if they won't I'm sure you can find an independent shop that would do it for you. One's as easy as changing an oil filter and the other one is only a little trickier.
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        Re: How to service GX in non-dealer states

        Here are the closest GX Fleet dealers in your area. They can do your mainenance.

        Honda Superstore Of Lisle
        4475 Lincoln Ave
        Lisle, IL 60532
        36.1 miles away

        Schaumburg Honda Automobiles
        750 E Golf Rd
        Schaumburg, IL 60173
        37.3 miles away


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          Re: How to service GX in non-dealer states

          No worry as there are a lot of GX fleet vehicle dealers hiding out there in states that don't sell the GX to individuals. The Honda website lists them with a dealer locator for fleet GX sales. Also, a non GX certified dealer took care of my wheel bearing recall and set up the thermal blanket recall as no special GX skills are needed to repair these items.


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            Re: How to service GX in non-dealer states

            I appreciate the information. My first CNG vehicle is a 97 Taurus and I can perform most minor non-CNG repairs myself. Although I have never required any CNG related service on the vehicle, it appears that getting service is one of the major difficulties with ownership of a older vehicle. Owning a GX would eliminate any concerns about qualified service technicians which is a big plus in considering the next CNG vehicle I might purchase.
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