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New GX's outside of CA and NY?

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  • New GX's outside of CA and NY?

    I was just reading up on the GX due to the current crazy gas prices. I'd love to get a new one for my next vehicle, but I live in Massachusetts. Is it possible to get one outside of CA or NY? Based on some of the posts I read, it doesn't even sound easy to get one in CA/NY. Anyone know if there are plans to expand sales to other states? I also read that the "Phill" doesn't list any authorized installers in MA.

    Anyone have any thoughts on what my options are before I get my hopes up too high??


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    Re: New GX's outside of CA and NY?

    Talk to your local Honda Fleet sales manager and see if they will order an 09 GX for you.


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      Re: New GX's outside of CA and NY?

      Here's a list of GX Fleet dealers in your part of the country. Tell them you are a fleet of one. Best of luck & let us know how you make out.

      Herb Chambers Honda
      1186 Commonwealth Ave
      Boston, MA 02134
      Grappone Honda
      507 Route 3a
      Bow, NH 03304
      Manchester Honda
      24 Adams St
      Manchester, CT 06042
      Apple Honda
      1375 Route 58
      Riverhead, NY 11901
      Rensselaer Honda
      770 Hoosick Rd
      Troy, NY 12180


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        Re: New GX's outside of CA and NY?

        Hi Curtis,

        Pardon my inexperience with this, but is a "fleet of one" a real thing that fleet dealers will do or are you being facetious? Either way, I'll definitely be stopping by Herb Chambers to see what they can do for me!



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          Re: New GX's outside of CA and NY?

          I was looking for a GX back before Honda was offcially selling them to the public. Talked to the fleet sales managers at a couple of dealers and they had no problem selling indivdual cars. In my experience you are best served by not talking to any other salesmen on the lot other then to ask where you can find the fleet sales manager (because in your area that is who is going to be selling the car).


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            Re: New GX's outside of CA and NY?

            Larry's right, most all dealerships sell the GX through their fleet dept. I am an exception and am solely responsible for everything cng.

            If any question about not being a business, just tell them you have a home business. Most will sell to the public, some won't. Companies buy single unit's all the time. That's a fleet of one. It's your company vehicle.


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              Re: New GX's outside of CA and NY?

              You can use the dealer locator to find the results that Curtis posted for any area. The other thing to do is to call you local Honda dealer. I found out my usual Honda dealer services GX's while I was talking to the service people about a tail light bulb. I went up and talked to the sales manager, and he informed me that they have just been certified to sell the cara. That dealer isn't on the Honda web site yet.

              Find a Honda dealer with this locator page. Search for Honda dealers by zip code, city, state and dealership name.


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                Re: New GX's outside of CA and NY?

                If a dealer's fleet dept doesn't want to talk to you, find an independent leasing agent who they probably will talk to. When I was leasing my agent always sent me to the fleet dept at a dealer to test drive a car so I didn't get 'hassled' or waste the time of the regular salespeople.
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