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need tank internal solenoid valve info

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  • need tank internal solenoid valve info

    What does this do? How can you tell if one is bad? Does the car just die while you're driving? How much does it cost to replace (if possible) it if your tank is still good?

    Also, have you ever heard of a dealership not being able to hook a car up to a computer for troubleshooting?

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    Re: need tank internal solenoid valve info


    FIRST, this is a procedure that should be done be a qualified Honda/CNG technician ONLY! In the event the solenoid valve needs to be removed, the venting process will destroy the valve and last time I checked they were about $1200!

    Having said that, I've attached two manufacturers' (Superior & GFI) guides for diagnosing and replacing the in-tank valves.

    re. dealerships and diagnostics
    Sad to say, many dealerships don't have a clue when it comes to AFV's. But, with some due diligence the information is there, i.e., special modules for their scan tools, etc.

    Hope this helps,

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      Re: need tank internal solenoid valve info

      Thank You! So it is possible to have a bad valve while the tank is still okay.

      I'm new to this stuff, but apparently to check this you have to empty the cng. This information will come in handy...a qualified tech is working on our car, we just don't know how "qualified" he is.

      Thanks again! Tracy


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        Re: need tank internal solenoid valve info

        You're welcome.

        re. qualified? There are some ways to tell. The National Institute for Automotive Excellence (ASE) does have an F-1 CNG Certification and there is also a certification for CNG Cylinder Inspectors administered by CSA (the old AGA Labs) in Cleveland, OH.

        Either or both of these, plus any dealership training would be things you could ask about.

        Regardless, BE SAFE.