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Fill receptacle leaking gas out in cold weather.

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  • Fill receptacle leaking gas out in cold weather.

    I'm having the same problem with all three of my Honda Civic GX's.
    It has been a cold winter up here in Alaska this year. Every time it dips to -10 below and colder the the check valves are having a problem letting gas leak out of the fill receptacle on the cars. There is two check valve, one at the inlet of the tank, and one inside of the fill receptacle. For the gas to leak out of the fill receptacle, both of these check valves have to be letting gas leak by.

    I think the problem is that there is too much moisture in the natural gas coming from the local utility and it is creating ice that is not letting the check valves seat correctly thus letting the gas leak by and back out the fill receptacle. The problem goes away when the weather warms up or I put the car in the garage.

    My question is will a filter that removes water work if I put it in the gas line going to the compressor thus removing the moisture from the gas before it goes into the compressor? I was thinking of using a dual filter setup that it used for a regular air compressor to keep the moisture out of a plasma cutter or when painting, etc. These type of filters use a per filter to remove particulates and take most of the moisture out of the gas and it settles at the bottom of this filter to be drained out with a valve at the bottom of the filter canister via a manually opened valve. The gas then goes into the next filter canister and it has to pass through some desiccant beads that remove the remaining moisture by absorbing the moisture. These beads can then be replaced and or dried out and reused.

    My gas line and compressor are both outside in the clod weather and I was wondering if this type of filter setup will even work and be effective out in this cold weather.

    Any Ideas or other solutions and or resources would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    PS FYI My compressor is a Fuelmaker FM4. I have been driving these Honda Civics for 10 plus years (one of them has 250,000 miles) and have had some intermittent similar problem in the past. This year it has been far worse as it has been cold for longer periods of time. This year I also had a problem with the fill nozzle getting frozen up. When I took it apart, I found ice on the inside of it. I cleaned it out, lubed it up a bit and they have been working fine.

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