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    So my car can only use the "yellow" fuel nozzle. Is there a fuel finder app or website that tells me if a station has or doesn't have the yellow nozzles?

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    Yellow is for 3000psi tanks or 3600psi tanks. Blue is only for 3000psi tanks and will not fit the 3600psi tank fill receptable.

    There are many stations with only one yellow nozzle because the others are black, high-flow nozzles for trucks. If that nozzle is left attached to a vehicle while driving off, a properly operating disconnect in the hose prevents damage to the dispenser, but others can't fuel until hose is reconnected by a station technician. To avoid this and ensure that other motorists will be able to use the nozzle, the ignition key can be looped around the hose while filling by using a lanyard.


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      Welcome to CNGchat!
      Your Civic has a 3600 psi fuel storage system, so it can accept either the blue 3000 psi (increasingly rare nowdays) or yellow 3600 psi fill hose. So you are good to go at any station. And, as 300mileclub advises, be careful to not drive away with the hose