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Parker part number for fill receptacle? (17667-S1G-A01) +730$ at dealer.

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  • Parker part number for fill receptacle? (17667-S1G-A01) +730$ at dealer.

    See attachment, 20210804_075410.jpg I know it's one of these, but not sure of the exact configuration. I know I can get it from Bernardi honda online for about 500$ but I want to get it from my local Parker place who will sell them to me for 150$ I just need the correct part Parker part number to place the order

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    20210804_075217.jpgThis was the only number I could find on my OEM Honda/Parker receptacle, (74417ZX) which I couldn't find anything on the net.


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      In case nobody actually knows the correct answer, it looks like you only have to really guess the last 3 numbers because all start with FMS-3 (all are that way) and the next digit pretty much has to be 6 (for 3600 psi instead of 3000, which eliminates half the choices) and the next has to be 2 (all are that way).

      So, we've theoretically narrowed it down to FMS-362-???

      If you google the Honda part number, you will see 2 actual pictures from someone who sold one on Amazaon. If we assume those are pictures of the actual part (and he does have the Honda parts bag it came in) and comparing those to the Parker drawings, we can see the Honda part has 3 hex head portions (like the first Parker, the "A-Lok Bulkhead types" of which there are 6, but since we are dealing with 3600 psi (not 3000).

      In other words, we have it limited down to 3 choices (FMS-362-4AH, FMS-362-6AH, or FMS-362-8AH). If you can get these for $150 each, it would be $450 for all three and still saves you $50 over the $500 you'd otherwise spend.

      However, we can do a little bit better if you can "measure" the "B" hex in the first picture (I don't know if it is accessible while installed) and that will either eliminate the 8AH or the 4AH and the 6AH varieties. If possible, you could just see if a 3/4" or 1" wrench fits it and tell that way.

      That should eliminate either one (either the 8AH variety) or two (both the 4AH and 6AH varieties) of the remaining three choices.

      If you find which one works, let us know.


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        So, I was curious and ran out to my 2009 Civic GX at work so I popped open the fuel cover thing and looked at the "B" hex of what is believed to be a Parker FMS receptacle.
        Eyeballing it, I was guessing too big to be 3/4 inch, so thought it was likely the 1".
        I popped the trunk and happened to have a 3/4 wrench in the car, but not a 1, pulled it out & it looked to small for the "B" hex in the Parker's diagram, but tried it anyway.
        The "B" hex is NOT a 3/4, so it looks like it is likely a Parker FMS-362-8AH (because the other two of the remaining 3 are both 3/4"), assuming it is one of the part numbers on Parker's sheet in the first place.
        I'm a gambling man, so I'd pay $150 instead of $500 to see if it would work & so I'd know if I ever had to do it again.

        To be on the safer side, you might want to: 1) look carefully at my quick analysis to see if you find any errors; 2) make sure hex B is indeed 1" (and not something else that would indicate it is NONE of the parts listed on the sheet); and 2) poke around a bit & see if you can find a source that would allow a return if unused (even if they charge a restocking fee).

        Good luck & let us know what you wind up doing.
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          Anyone know how to inspect the back side of the filling recepta?


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            Did you end up buying the OEM or the Parker one? If you bought the Parker one, was did it work out ok?

            I'm guessing you've already found the answer of how to inspect the back side. I don't know myself, but my guess is the most likely would be to remove the cover inside the trunk that covers up the tank. There has to be some sort of opening for a line to connect the filling receptacle to the tank & I'm guessing it is big enough to take a look (perhaps with the help of a camera or a mirror).

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          Still haven't got around to taking the car apart to get the part number and the -8 is on back order for 180 days


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            eBay usually has the fill receptacle offered. From desktop site, select "Business and Industrial" category and search "CNG"



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              300mileclub Are you saying the one in the link, an "EMER NGV1-P30 - CNG Filling Point 1/2 GAS - INOX by Emer USA" will fit for a Honda? That would be a huge savings for trdscfjc compared to buying the Honda part. I'm basically posting so the part number is here for future reference.


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                That link is a part coming from United Kingdom. However, when I search eBay for simply "NGV1" there are a variety of fill nozzles displayed. Would suggest comparing appearance of one removed from the Civic in order to select proper part.


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                  For anyone who stumbles across this thread looking for an answer to this same question, trdscfjc confirmed the Honda Civic (at least the year in question) uses Parker part number FMS-362-8AH. See his thread at Here is the part number for the 730$ OEM P36 receptacle, FMS-362-8AH - Natural Gas Vehicle Owner Community (