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Misfire codes and rough idle

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  • Misfire codes and rough idle

    Hi again!

    I originally made a post asking about fuel injector gaskets (I'll add the link below) and got great responses, so, thank you!

    I replaced the fuel injectors (albeit with junkyard fuel injectors that I cleaned), brand new spark plug wires, and properly gapped spark plugs on my 2000 GX. It still threw codes and had a rough idle/sluggish attitude after replacing the fuel injectors and plug wires (I forgot to bring my scan tool while working on it yesterday so I won't know which codes until possibly later today). I replaced the spark plugs and the car proceeded to not start at all (cranked fine, but wouldn't catch at all) after never having a problem starting. I replaced them with 4 brand new AC-DELCO 41-806 spark plugs which I gapped to alldata's spec of .028'-.031' and now the car won't start.

    Why might it not start with spark plugs that seem the proper size (threads fit and both the old and new spark plugs are the same exact length) and are (to the best of my knowledge) the proper gap?

    My next guess (after putting old spark plugs back in after sanding them for a good spark) is check the distributor for a clean connection internally, and maybe check the ignition coil to make sure that it's giving the distributor enough juice.

    Any suggestions for my next course of action would be very much appreciated!

    p.s. the codes it originally threw were something like "cylinders 1, 2, and 4 misfire, & random misfire"
    Hi all! Just came into possession of a 2000 Honda GX CNG. TL;DR: need to find gaskets for fuel injectors and fuel line that runs inbetween pressure regulator and fuel rail. bonus points for suggestions on relieving fuel rail pressure after cutting of main valve under back bumper. I'm working on replacing the fuel injectors

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    Use an inline spark tester to check for spark. If no spark, replace the distributor with a new, aftermarket TD80 distributor. There are many available on eBay for around $65. You can also buy a new Autozone ADLG-TD80 distributor, which comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Rather than AC Delco spark plugs, it is best to use NGK 93580 PFR7N8DS spark plugs.

    Shop for Duralast Gold New Distributor ADLG-TD80 with confidence at Parts are just part of what we do. Get yours online today and pick up in store.