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Looking for gaskets for fuel line & injectors

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  • Looking for gaskets for fuel line & injectors

    Hi all!

    Just came into possession of a 2000 Honda GX CNG.

    TL;DR: need to find gaskets for fuel injectors and fuel line that runs inbetween pressure regulator and fuel rail. bonus points for suggestions on relieving fuel rail pressure after cutting of main valve under back bumper.

    I'm working on replacing the fuel injectors as someone decided it was a good idea to put in 1 gasoline injector and leave 3 CNG injectors in the vehicle after the 4th CNG injectors failed. (spoiler: it wasn't my car at the time and not my idea of a good idea)

    The car runs pretty smoothly with the gasoline injector (big shock to me as i would imagine it has a different spray pattern/size) but will not pass smog because it throws* like 4 or 5 misfire codes. (injector 1, 2, & 4 misfires and a weird/vague "random misfire" code, plus maybe one more).

    I'm hoping to find gaskets for the "new" injectors (injectors i pulled from a junkyard CNG Honda and cleaned out with fuel injector cleaner) as well as gaskets for the metal fuel line that goes inbetween the fuel rail and pressure regulator.

    Any suggestions on how to best relieve pressure after shutting off the "main fuel valve" (my words) under the back left bumper would be appreciated, too. I'm wondering if hooking one of the fuel injectors up to a rig i made to fire them with a 9 volt and relieving the pressure straight into the barrel would be intelligent? (and maybe even cranking the motor with a wrench from the crankshaft bolt to open up the exhaust valve and relieve any possible pressure from the piston barrels too)

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    would a gasoline 2000 Honda civic's fuel injector gaskets do the trick?


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      On the first generation Civic GX, misfires are almost always caused by bad spark plug wires. To eliminate this possibility, replace the plug wires with NGK 8034 wires first. There is no need to shut off the main fuel valve in the back to depressurize the fuel rail. Just simply loosen the fuel hose block on the top of the fuel rail. The o-rings on both ends of the fuel hose are metric 17.8 x 2.4. Not a good idea to try to use gasoline injectors, for the stock injectors are high flow, low impedance, and made specifically for gaseous fuel. Here are the fuel injector gaskets:
      This Kit Fits : Honda Civic (05-98). 4 Thin Seals. 4 Thick Seals. ⚙Included with this kit. Quality Auto Parts at Competitive Prices.
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        Although the pressure regulator locks-off when the key is turned off, its still not a bad idea to shut off the main fuel valve before working on the low-pressure side of the gaseous fuel system. Shut it off when the car is idling and the engine will soon die. This relieves pressure in the entire system. Then, as suggested, loosen the fuel hose block to relieve the fuel rail pressure. Good luck!