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'12 Honda Civic, won't start if below half tank

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  • '12 Honda Civic, won't start if below half tank

    Hello, I'm a newbie to the forum. My brother has a '12 Honda Civic CNG that is giving him trouble and he asked me to help him. The dealership is wanting to charge him $5,100 to fix it, but he's not confident that they really know what's wrong with it.

    When the car has less than half a tank of fuel, and left to sit for a while (such as overnight), the fuel gauge drops to empty and the low fuel display shows. If the car is towed to a filling station and filled up, the car will start & run fine. It only happens when below half tank.

    The other day I was able to disconnect the battery and left it overnight, then reconnected the battery (with the key in the on position), and the fuel gauge showed several bars & the car started up. It started for several days after that, but hasn't worked or ran this week.

    In my mind is seems to be a sensor, if it only happens randomly when below half a tank.

    Does this sound familiar? Any suggestions as to the problem(s)? Is this something that I can fix, as a backyard grease-monkey? If so, where do I start?

    Thank you.

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    Hi, just came across your post. I'm experiencing the same thing with my 2012 Honda Civic. Did your brother ever get this issue fixed?