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Aftermarket cat converter won't pass smog!!!

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  • Aftermarket cat converter won't pass smog!!!

    Just went to get my smog on a '98 GX (runs awesome) it passed with flying color, but as the technician was doing a visual inspection he said my front cat converter was an aftermarket and he failed me for having an aftermarket converter. He showed me the part number online.. Looks like the cat I have is for a gasoline civic, heck the car passed all the measurements only thing holding it up is an aftermarket cat.

    Anybody have the same problem or any advice? Love the car 210K miles, runs great, looks bad, but great commuter.


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    I think the Civic GX came from the factory with the same cat as Honda put on the gasoline cars. Check with a Honda dealer to get the replacement part number for both 1998 vehicles and if they are the same you should be able to go to a BAR station to get it sorted out (this is assuming your aftermarket cat matches what would go on the gasoline 1998 Civic).


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      It is likely a non carb EO The ca air resources board approved cat converters are much more costly. The smog station is following the rules. He is required to fail the car if he sees it. This usually comes up when a newish looking part is seen during the visual part of the smog inspection. Want to live or do business in CA ? , this is the stupid crap you will face.