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White substance around injectors?

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  • White substance around injectors?

    I'm have my fuel injectors rebuilt, while taking them out there is a white sticky material around the gaskets on both ends of the injectors. What is this?

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    1 "Rebuilding " Honda GX injectors is a complete waste of money. The Kehin / Honda injectors were intended to run with dry . oil free CNG. Unfortunately, this is seldom reality. Carryover oil from the fuel compressors coke up the injectors and send them to an early grave.

    The injector shops can test CNG injectors to find a bad one, but I have never seen the injector shops fix a bad Honda CNG injector. Gasoline injectors are a different story. I HAVE seen them successfully rebuilt at injector repair shops/.

    . White sticky stuff on the seals. The vast majority of seals and gaskets are intended to be installed dry. Some folks working on cars just cant resist using extra sealants and dressings. To each, his own. Makes a mess for the next guy that has to work on the car.


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      Can't agree more with Lakewood90712, having the GX injectors cleaned or rebuilt is a waste of time and money - never worked for me.


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        Figured out the white stuff is pipe dope for plumbing gas lines in homes