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9th Generation (2012-2015) Honda Civic Natural Service/Repair Manual

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  • 9th Generation (2012-2015) Honda Civic Natural Service/Repair Manual

    Hello fellow Civic Natural Gas Vehicle owners,

    After a brief success with the the '05 GX, I bought a blue '14 model which I like; after about 45k miles, it started to have rough idle even thought I have followed all recommended maintenance on the vehicle and an oil leak. Before it turns 60K miles, I brought it to Concord Honda here in Norther Calif. for repair. The dealer repaired the oil leak under warranty but recommended the valve clearance adjustment and spark plug combined with tranny fluid. I would love to do the valve clearance adjustment myself as I had done it plenty of time with other Hondas. The problem is I can't locate service manual for this car. Does anyone know where I can order the service manual and/or valve clearance specs for this car? Helm Inc. does not currently have the repair manual available.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    I am currently in the same situation, does anyone out there have the valve clearance specs for a 2012??


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      So I take it that the 2011 GX is the older / previous body style?


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        .009 to .010 exhaust
        .008 to .009 intake


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          I just did this today. It’s the same is the 8th gen. Plenty of videos on YouTube to walk you right through it