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Mystery Damage to Honda CNG '12 Silver Wheel Finish After First Pro Car Detail Wash!

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  • Mystery Damage to Honda CNG '12 Silver Wheel Finish After First Pro Car Detail Wash!

    So I bought my new car a few months ago, and a couple weeks after getting my first car wash/mini detail--at a highly rated detail shop that only does only hand washing (Doesn't go through a machine.), I noticed some strange damage to a couple of my wheels. One of them looks as if the painted silver finish has "tarnished" in many areas in kind of a whiskery/circular pattern. The finish in those areas appears to now be almost a beige color, compared to the silver finish of the surface surrounding them. One other wheel has very minimal, but similar damage. I was shocked, as I had taken my Honda Accord Coupe EX ('98) through the same detail wash place more than once, but never suffered any damage to the very old wheels.

    Anyway, my new car looked great overall when done, and I didn't notice the strange damage until a couple weeks later. So I can't say with 100% confidence that the damage came at the detail shop. But I didn't get another wash or any service done before I noticed the damage.

    So I took the car to Honda to ask if they had any ideas on what had happened to the wheels. The guy said that it looked to be "chemical" erosion. I asked if a car detail shop could cause it; and he said that even if it is a hand wash, the chemical they may have used on the wheels to shine or clean them could have caused it, by eating throught the silver paint finish. Any ideas? Could the new Civic wheels be made of a very weak/thin finish/material that is more susceptible to damage than my old car's 16-year old stock wheels?

    I plan to talk to my insurance company to see what they advise. Was told to replace the worst wheel would cost nearly $300; and I assume that doesn't cover the labor. Has anyone experienced this same problem?