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how do you change fuel filter element in 99 gx

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  • how do you change fuel filter element in 99 gx

    any body change out a fuel filter element in a 99 honda gx?
    how did you do it?

    It looks to me like you turn off the red emergency gas shutoff switch locanted in wheel well, run engine till quits to depressurize line.

    then looks like on the underside there is a plastic tub that comes off with screws

    then it looks like there is a cylinder smaller than a coke can with an allen wrench at the bottom, I assume you slowly unscrew the allen wrench?

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    Re: how do you change fuel filter element in 99 gx

    looking on web sombody said "
    While talking to him (and he was a font of wisdom, a very nice guy) he explained that the 1999 GX only has one fuel filter. You shut off the gas, run the car till it stalls, then access the filter by pulling down the protective cover and open the bottom of it (the filter) with an Allen-wrench to drain off any excess condensation every 7500 to 10000 miles. Let is drip out, button it up, and you are good to go. "

    any body know if that is right? tips


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      Re: how do you change fuel filter element in 99 gx

      disclaimer this is what i did, this is not the right way to do it. this is dangerous and only a cng autorized person should work on em. you would be an idiot to work on em

      I just did it and therefore am an idiot.

      time 1.5 hours
      cost for dealership to do it $80 labor
      need filter element w 2 orings $30.00 part

      tools, 10 mm socket, extension is nice, and 10 mm rench, 6mm?allen wrench, philips screw driver, also gotta get honda off ground, It is just too low to work on, i used them ramps
      also need a LARGE cresent wrench, or chalnnel locks or vice grips

      FIRST DEPRESSURIZE LINE BY TURNING OFF red FUEL valve located left rear wheel well and then running motor till quits. Do this out doors, no spark or flame)

      second take of plastic bathtub there are about 10 bolts and screws, there are also some little plastic clips. after removing all bolts i just dropped the trunk end of the bathtub. this is the most time consuming part. i can see how the dealer gets ya for $80 labor. I doubt they can do it any faster than me.

      third there is a cyclinder that says do not service. allen wrench at bottom. My $30 filter came with 2 o-rings one large and one small. you got a couple options I slowly took off allen bolt, there was some hissing im guessing 90 psi and there was some oil (teaspoon) i think that it is a good idea(safer) to take this off first. you could just leave allen screw in but if you are pressurized may be very dangerous(i dont know), but somebody told me that alot of people leave em in. another idea would be to save small oring, and drain the cylinder of oil between fuel element changes.

      back to what i did, remove allen screw, then use large cresent wrench to loosen clyinder which is normall threads, mine was "tough" id guess 90 ftpds.

      remove cylinder, remove filter(just pull and twist, it is on a straw)

      put it back together, install filter, replace two o-rings (allen wrench and cylinder)
      screw everything back together. befor you screw on bathtub, but after you got filter and cylinder and allen wrench on, I turned on shutoff valve to check for leaks(soapy water around cylinder)

      There are a couple of cheap plastic fasteners that flew off when i pulled off tub, I doubt that is all i know about it. took me longer to wright it than to do it. if anybody else had suggestions, or has done work to these cars please post. i think im gonna change mine yearly, as i hear that clean filters are the key.


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        Re: how do you change fuel filter element in 99 gx

        Did mine this weekend too. No oil or condesate in mine (99 <= 30k miles - first fuel filter change - didn't/don't have service manual yet). Steps were the same (only removed entire canister - 90 lbTF until fuel pressure released (did not turn of safety valve) pressure still held at tank (kept off by key being turned off).


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          Re: how do you change fuel filter element in 99 gx

          I just did it in my '99. With just 22,000 miles the old filter was as clean as the new one but the o-ring felt a bit hard. Basically you raise the back of the car, I drove up on ramps. Shut off the gas valve. Turn on the engine and let it run out of gas (about 30 seconds) then shut off the ignition. Remove the large plastic shroud under the car, actually you just need to lower the back of it for access to the filter, it has half a dozen 10mm socket size bolts and about 4 plastic clips that loosen with a phillips screwdriver. Now you should see the filter unit:

          If you are replacing the filter there is no need to unscrew the drain plug, you can clean everything out when the filter is removed. Using a crescent wrench on the flats at the bottom, loosen the filter housing. It just takes a 1/16 turn to break it loose. The rest of the way is by hand. This whole assembly is some high grade stainless steel that looks like it came from the space shuttle (and probably costs as much). Once the housing is out you see the filter:

          Just give it a twist while pulling down. Reverse the previous steps to put it back together and put a little silicone on the o-ring.