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Civic GX Background, where to buy

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  • Civic GX Background, where to buy

    Some of the information on this 2007 post is OUTDATED.
    * Federal tax credit has expired and no California tax credits exist today
    * All Utah Honda dealers offer the Civic Natural Gas (formerly Civic GX)
    * Fuelmaker is now owned by BRC IMPCO

    Honda has been shipping the Civic GX since 1997 to government fleets and are now promoting it to the general consumer market along with the "Phill" in-garage fueling equipment from Fuelmaker of Canada -- a company in which American Honda has a significant equity stake. If you are looking for a new natural gas vehicle, especially one for commuting around town, the Civic GX is great. Ken Garff Honda Downtown does a thriving business here in Utah (tell Ron Brown that sent you!). In California there are many dealers who carry the GX. Robertson's Palmdale Honda is very committed (ask for Curtis Martin), in fact they installed a CNG fill station at the dealership!

    New Civic GX's qualify for a $4,000 federal tax credit. Here in Utah, and California also enjoy a $3,000 state tax credit too, making it a comparable cost to a gasoline fueled Civic LX. Oklahoma also has generous tax credits too.

    Used GX's often come up on eBay (search for "CNG" or "NGV") and dealer lots as a result of government auctions. Be aware that there are no incentives beyond the fuel savings for used CNG vehicles in California. You can also find them on (try Southern and Northern California). If you want a used one, be aware that the 2001 model year has serious transmission problems. Honda went from a 5 speed automatic to a CVT (continuously variable transmission), which in most every case needed replacement. The CVT continued through the 2005 model year with progressively better transmissions being installed each year. In 2006 Honda went back to the 5 speed automatic. There is a warranty extension for 2003-2005 GX's that covers Judder/Slip.
    See the service thread in the main forum for details. So I recommend you pass on model years 2001 to 2003, even if the transmission has been rebuilt.
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    Re: Civic GX Background, where to buy

    I have taken 2 different 2001 Honda Civc GX's to my local Honda dealer and the transmission slip/judder issue was resolved on each under warranty. According to the Honda bulletin, Civic GX's 2001-2005 are covered up to 7 yrs or 100,00 miles. Since my GX's were sold in the middle of 2001, they were covered through the respective month in 2008 since both has under 100k. If the price is right, and the 2001 or 2002 Civc GX is still under the extended Honda warranty for the CVT transmission, I would not exclude them from my shopping list.

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      Re: Civic GX Background, where to buy

      John: We've talked before but it has been a year or two. I have a Civic GX that has an engine warning lamp FLASHING. The code said (before the flashing) Catalatic convertor. Front convertor is part of engine exhaust manifold and is very expensive. Mechanic said "ignore it", so I have, but now that it is flashing I'm not so sure.



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        Re: Civic GX Background, where to buy

        Time for a new mechanic. Ya, the cat is close to $900, installed and no aftermarket available. You need to find out if the o2 sensors are bad or if the cat is bad. If the cat is ruined, you also need to find ouy why, or the new one will fail early too.


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          Re: Civic GX Background, where to buy

          Generally a flashing check engine light means you are also having engine misfire, which could be caused by a number of reasons (faulty injector, spark plug/coil, etc.). This car really needs to get to a reputable mechanic soon.