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Blinking Fuel Light, fuel guage to empty on 2003 Civic solved for $30.42

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  • Blinking Fuel Light, fuel guage to empty on 2003 Civic solved for $30.42

    I have solved my blinking fuel light, fuel guage to empty, no start, no reset by disconnect battery problem.
    I could not reset by just disconnecting battery or pulling 15 amp fuse (#6 in fusebox by battery).
    I had to loosen the fuel rail temperature sensor with 19mm (or 3/4 inch) open ended wrench to vent fuel. I did not unplug the sensor, I just loosened it enough to vent. See picture with copper pipe pointing to sensor. (I used this pipe to bypass the thermo valve until new part arrived.)
    I was checking the coolant lines to the high pressure regulator and found they were not getting warm. After a drive on the highway, the fuel line exiting the high pressure regulator would frost over. The picture shows access to view and touch the lines by the firewall between the air cleaner baffel and cruise control unit.
    The new thermo valve is underneath the intake manifold by the low pressure fuel filter.
    I figure the super cold fuel would warm and expand after the car was parked causing an overpressure in the fuel rail.
    The thermo valve is part # 19330-RNE-A01 and was $30.24. I noticed this part # is common to other GX's.
    The car ran fine with the copper pipe bypass, but I replaced it because I figure it was designed to regulate the fuel temperature for some reason. The old part was completely plugged and I could not get it apart to see inside.
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    Re: Blinking Fuel Light, fuel guage to empty on 2003 Civic solved for $30.42

    Great catch!


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      Thank you Abe your observation worked perfect for my wife's 04 GX. I really did not look forward to spending the big bucks on the regulator. It did this to us 4 times before I found your post.
      And not once since I did the check and repair. Thanks again.


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        I cut the seam open. Here is what I found.


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          Abe, I just saw your thread, I'm having a tough time with a 2004 Civic GX I bought my mom. The car will drive like new for a week and BOOM! the Low Pressure filter blows out. I have replaced twice and the same has happened. I cant keep spending $140 each time this filter blows out! this only happens when the car is off after its been driven, might this be the solution?