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2008 Honda GX Pricing & Availability

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  • 2008 Honda GX Pricing & Availability

    So I actually toying with the idea of going with the Honda GX. My commute is about 40miles a day. After doing some reading here, it looks like I would probably be in the market for a fuelmaker FM2-36 and install that myself at my home.

    Anyone know of a dealer in Northern California that actually stocks or knows about the GX?

    Stopped by Fremont Honda yesterday and the salesman that knew everything suppposedly tried to tell me I wanted a Civic Hybrid, not a CNG. So glad he knew what I wanted. lol

    Anyways, edmunds listed the 2008 GX at $25,225 MSRP and $23,809 Invoice. I have purchased vehicles all the time at Invoice. Anyone had luck buying these at Invoice? Interested in what others are paying. I'm assuming at this point I will have to strike a deal and then have them order it for me.

    Also, any advice on locating used Fuelmakers?


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    Re: 2008 Honda GX Pricing & Availability

    There used to be a thread on what people paid, but strangely enough, it looks like it got zapped.

    I paid LIST price. I bought at Honda Stevens Creek. I just called Ken Garff and they are also quoting list, $25,225, no deals, 8 week wait.

    Try Honda in Dublin as I heard they sold below list. I should have worked them a bit harder to get below list. And since the CA Rebate is gone, you should get a better price.

    Good Luck. Post your price once you get it. We should ALL do that.


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      Re: 2008 Honda GX Pricing & Availability

      Jerry at San Tan Honda in Chandler, AZ has 4 in stock.
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        Re: 2008 Honda GX Pricing & Availability

        One of our members maintains an online spreadsheet of going prices for NGVs. You need to have an account with Google (or gmail) to login and see it:


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          Re: 2008 Honda GX Pricing & Availability

          San Francisco Honda also sells them. Check it out. You could go to Vacaville Honda to, I think?


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            Re: 2008 Honda GX Pricing & Availability

            I paid $ 24,500, but had to call 14 authorized dealers before one decided to break ranks and sell at $24,500, obviously a bit below LIST. I also negotiated the extended 120K/6 yr mile Honda Care warranty to $1700 (list of $2500). The dealer is Scott Robinson, Torrance (Southern CA). I posted this before but as mentioned by cnielsen strangely enough the thread got zapped.

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              Re: 2008 Honda GX Pricing & Availability

              Go to the Honda Civic GX web site and click on "Locate Dealer". Put in your zip code and it will show all local GX dealers in your area. You didn't say what part of Northern CA, so it is hard to tell you. I bought mine at Manley Honda in Santa Rosa and get mine serviced at Vacaville (closer to were I live). They both stock and seem to know a fair amount about them. I also looked at Dublin and they did not stock and didn't seem to know much about them.