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    This may be a dumb question, but I was talking to someone a while back about Dedicated CNG, and they told me that dedicated CNG vehicles still had a gas tank and removal of some block would enable the use of gasoline as well, does the GX still have a gas tank? If not why doesnt the GX have a bigger tank for CNG?


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    Re: GX Questions

    The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. It seems like your friend should have asked a few more questions before repeating bad info though. Dedicated OEM vehicles, like the GX, are built right on the production line. They have an 8gge tank installed instead of the 13.2 gal gas tank the standard Civic has. The entire fuel system is unique to the GX and has no remaining gasoline parts left in the car. From tank to injectors, it's all cng.

    I'm not so sure if the aftermarket conversions retain the original fuel systems. In some cases, I'm sure that the cng tank occupies the area that the gas tank originally did.

    The only vehicles that I know of that retain the ability to do what you mention are dual-fuel vehicles, and that's the whole point.


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      Re: GX Questions

      The GX fuel cylinder already takes 1/2 the normal gasoline trunk space. CNG doesn't store very efficiently compared to gasoline. They fit a lot of gasoline in cars today because it is a liquid and the tank can be shaped to fit almost any shape that's available/left over.

      "Dedicated" CNG means 'only' CNG. Some other cars, like the "Bifuel" Cavalier and many conversions, have two fuels. Many switch automatically (when the CNG runs out, they switch to gasoline) and some have switches.

      Maybe the only 'dumb question' is the one you ask of someone who thinks he knows the answer, but doesn't
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