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Traveling in Cav.

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  • Traveling in Cav.

    Has anyone put a Car topper or bike rack to put a topper on their Cav in order to pack stuff for a trip? The trunk is really small as we all know, any other suggestions?


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    Re: Traveling in Cav.

    I don't think it's recommended in the owners manual, but a small very light weight motorcycle type trailer would have less wind resistance than most roof racks. The other option would be one of the frameless, low profile, weatherproof nylon bag type car top carriers to limit weight and drag. It can be folded up and stored in what little trunk space we have when not in use.


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      Re: Traveling in Cav.

      Have same problem with my bi-fuel Cavalier, so I installed $145 Hidden Hitch that has small 1 1/4 inch square receiver. Tried pulling empty lightweight 5x8 enclosed trailer but winddrag is just too great. Very low profile utility trailer would be much better but keep weight under 1,000 lbs and tongue weight under 200 lbs. - - maybe even lightweight enclosed snow mobile trailer would work.

      As alternative, I'm going to purchase cargo carrier that connects into small 1 1/4 inch square receiver so I can carry cooler, luggage, etc. behind car and still have my limited trunk space. Most of time I have spare tire out anyway as it opens up big circular space on trunk floor where the spare goes in normal Cavalier. Thus, spare likely to go on cargo carrier as well.
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        Re: Traveling in Cav.

        I went to REI an bought ski rack below, and a cargo bag from Target. I work well except if it was windy.

        Thule's Roof Rack Carriers provide maximum versatility and capacity to carry your gear. Your vehicle may have different mounting options to your roof. Select this option to explore its particular features.

        Base Product
        400xt Aero Foot
        The strongest, best fitting rack system for cars without rain gutters and factory racks.

        LB50 Load Bars
        Base for Thule Multipurpose Rack Systems. Set of two bars.

        245 Fit Kit
        Designed for use with the 400XT Foot Pack. Our Fit Kits mirror your roof?s profile. Set of four brackets and footpads.