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Caution when lifting Cavaliers (and all CNG's)

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  • Caution when lifting Cavaliers (and all CNG's)

    I went to have a flat repaired yesterday and when my wife drove onto the lift (they guided her and I was outside of the car talking to the mechanic) I looked to see if the CNG lines would clear the lift pads. You guessed it, the lift was a long rubber platform that lifts along the entire lip underneath on each side. The CNG lines would have been bent or smashed into the gasoline lines. They had to use extra rubber blocks to create space in the CNG line areas. Just wanted to pass that along and make sure you give the mechanics a heads up to this possible danger. Nothing against them, they just weren't used to having to check before lifting.
    Also, it looks like the lines are bent to try to allow them to tuck up in the gasoline line recessed areas but they aren't routed exactly right. I will see if I can coax them into better position when the snow melts. Are anyone else's lines exposed like this?

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    Re: Caution when lifting Cavaliers (and all CNG's)

    Man, you bring up a great point to caution all of us that I didn't even think about..

    The tire repair/tire sales shops all utilize the low rise lifts so that they can lift a vehicle quicker and easier, but they will contact the cng supply shutoff valve that hangs down so low, damaging the valve and lines.

    Looking at mine, in 1998, that cng line was definitely an afterthought.

    Watch out for these everybody!!!

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