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  • Cavalier Tank Bracket Pictures

    I was hoping someone on the forum could post or send me some photos of an installed CNG tank and the connections in their Cavalier.

    I got a used 2001 CNG Cavalier tank I'm planning on installing in a Toyota, and I would like to verify my assumptions as to the orientation of the bracket in the car and the where the various connections go (especially where the lines pass through the tank bracket).

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    Re: Cavalier Tank Bracket Pictures

    If you have not figured this out yet there may be some help on ebay. Right now there is a CNG tank w/electric pump listed. However it is actually a Cavalier fuel tank assembly with the lockout valve. In one of the pictures the tank is sitting upright on a handcart. The rubber cover surrounds the end of the tank to make sure no gas escapes into the trunk. The rubber tube at the rear in the photo has a vent line and the high pressure line going to the primary regulator inside it. The regulator is attached to the trunk floor under the vehicle. The rubber boot in the forefront of the picture is where the line from the fill port would attach. In some of the other pictures the seller has pulled back the boot showing the lockout valve. The various connectors in the picture go the the pressure sensor, temp sensor, and lockout valve solenoid. I would assume this is something like what you have. If your tank still has this valve you are in pretty good shape to start your conversion. The tank sits horizontally in the trunk with the lockout valve on the drivers side. There are two rubber isolated mounting clamps that hold the tank in place. If you need pictures of the installed tank, just reply and I will take the cover off my tank and post pictures for you.


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      Re: Cavalier Tank Bracket Pictures

      Thanks for the reply, I got most of it figured out already. The key was discovering that the regulator screws onto the bottom of the tank bracket.

      The only other question I have is where the tank valve vent line terminates under the the car? Is it close to the bumper or just above the axle. My vent line appears to have been cut off short when it was removed from the car, atm it only sticks though the bottom of the bracket about 1/4". I would kind of like to know approximately where to run this line.


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        Re: Cavalier Tank Bracket Pictures

        I am on vacation right now so unless someone else knows the answer I can't help you. I suspect that the line has not been cut off. I think it just goes through the floor at the regulator and vents under the car. If you are concerned, add some line to it to extend it somewhere else. I know on my gx, for example, the line for the vent comes out in the center of the car just in front of the rear axle. The only point of having the line is to be sure it vents outside of the passenger cabin or trunk. The Honda also has a neat little plastic cap on the end of the line so it is easy to see if it ever vented.