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    I just bought a 2001 Chevy Cavalier and took it into a shop for safety and emissions. The mechanic mistakenly removed the battery, thinking he was doing work on my car. They hooked the battery back up and, the computer needed to reset. The emission service told me to drive the car for 50 miles to reset the computer. The car now has over 200 miles and the computer still isn't reset.

    The question I have is....... is this a cng computer problem or a chevy computer problem......or some other problem.

    I live in the SLC Utah area.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Emissions Computer

    I believe that some of the sensors have to go through a specific number of cycles of starting, up to operating temp, then cool down in order for the OBD system to show ready to test. How many cycles have you done?


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      Re: Emissions Computer

      I called the local Chevy dealer (Jerry Seiner) and asked their CNG tech. He said that you have to drive the car at a steady 55 mph for 20 to 30 miles before the computer will reset it's flags. So the wife and I drove for 50 miles each way just to be sure. Try driving nearly 55 on the freeways, very dangerous.

      Went back and the flags were reset. The tech also said that the starting temperature for the drive had to be under 65F. Good thing this didn't happen in the summer.

      I talked to B&R tires in SLC. They do most of the emissions for the state of Utah and their CNG cars. They said this is a common problem with these cars if you remove the battery.

      I hope this helps someone else.


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        Re: Emissions Computer


        I think this adresses my question directly thank you.