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Chevy Aveo as CNG in India !!! - - - ARRGGH !

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  • Chevy Aveo as CNG in India !!! - - - ARRGGH !

    Ran across this May 2010 news article where Chevrolet is announcing CNG model (Chevy Aveo) in another country (India), but Chevy doesn't have where-with-all to do same in USA . . . WHAT A CROCK!!! Cash poor India is target market for GM new cng product, but nothing in USA . . . Come On!! If GM won't do it, then Suzuki should just sell the cng Aveo in USA directly without any GM involvement. Let's get going!!

    The US Taxpayers got RIPPED OFF when we bailed out GM as they are just starting up subset of old failed business model of being a puppet for BIG OIL and Bureaucracy and corrupt politicians in USA.

    GM . . . Bring Back the bi-fuel Cavalier (now the Chevy Cruze, formerly called Cobalt) RIGHT NOW!! Bring the CNG Aveo to USA!! Introduce in USA the small pickup (ie Colorado like is being sold in Asia) that is bi-fuel cng/petrol and sales will flourish and become the number 1 government fleet vehicle.

    Obama are you seeing this?? . . . VP Biden ?? . . . EPA thug Chu ?? Anyone with power in USA??

    P.S. Hyundai is also 2-faced in USA as it announced in July 2011 the cng Hyundai Santro to be sold in India. See at:
    This little puppy with 1 liter engine could become the US Postal Service delivery vehicle with just a paintjob!!
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    Re: Chevy Aveo as CNG in India !!! - - - ARRGGH !

    India is a large market for CNG because it's mandatory to the public transport vehicles in some cities, from buses to the autorickshaws, going thru the taxis.


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      It's a good car, sadly it has been discontinued in India. I owned the 1.4 CNG version. Its claimed mileage by mototech was nearly 15.4 kg/km
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