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2001 Cav Cat Converter replacement questions

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  • 2001 Cav Cat Converter replacement questions

    My 01 Cav BiFuel needs the catalytic converter replaced. (So says its computer)
    I'd like to replace it myself. Was looking at aftermarket parts (Magnaflow) and wanted to make sure that it is the same part as the gas base model. Also wanted to know if the CNG system complicates to process.

    Awhile back my mechanic replaced the plugs and put in the ones for the gas model causing some backfire issues. I had to pull the fuse. I'd like to make sure I've got the correct plugs in this time.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: 2001 Cav Cat Converter replacement questions

    You may have to forge the way and let us know what you find out. How many miles do you have on it? What code did you get? Since the thieves can get these things out in a few minutes I can't imagine it could be too difficult. But then, I usually under estimate the task involved! I have a '99 cavi.
    Good Luck!


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      Re: 2001 Cav Cat Converter replacement questions

      There are some test a competent mechanic can run to see if the CAT is, in fact, bad. You need to verify what the computer is telling you and then determine why the CAT failed: old age, (I've run OEM CAT over 300K miles) or engine malfunction; misfire, rich condition, etc otherwise you will be throwing you money away
      If you have to replace the CAT, you must use an OEM CAT or a replacement CAT that has a CARB E.O. number in order to keep the vehicle Calif. SMOG legal. Check with the dealer as see the gasoline and CNG CATs have the same part number. Many of the after markets CATs do not have enough catalyst material to last very long, especially if there is and engine problem.
      Usually a dedicated factory vehicle will have a different CAT than a gasoline only vehicle.

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        Re: 2001 Cav Cat Converter replacement questions

        like I said previously, I apparently got the wrong plugs awhile back and this caused some violent backfiring (blew the air filter). I'll try and get the code it is reporting. I'd like to verify the part number on the plugs as well. The Cav is a bifuel.

        Is there an online parts directory someplace?

        Thanks again