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  • cavalier

    i am looking at buying a cavalier, is there a way to test the car on both systems, gas and cng, while test driving it? i know there is not a switch like on fords, but i have heard that there may be a way to do it. please help. does it make a difference with the year?

    i have owned a 99 cav, 99 contour and 02 f150

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    Re: cavalier

    The easiest way to switch the Cavailer back to gasoline is to remove the 10 amp fuse marked "CNG" located in the underhood fusebox by the battery. Shut the engine down and pull the fuse, when it restarts, it will be on gasoline. Shut it down again, re-install the fuse and it will restart on CNG. 1998 through 2002 Cavaliers are similar with improvements as they get newer--OBD II for the AF ECU came in 1999, four speed automatic in 2001, relocation and design change of the PCM in 2002. The biggest change was 2003 which brought the new Ecotec engine and fuel injection for the CNG system. The later cars have a lot fewer unobtainable parts then the earlier cars along with more horsepower, better drivability and better fuel economy. Also, the later cars have newer tanks which expire later allowing you to drive them longer in Utah. If at all possible, drive before you buy.


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      Re: cavalier

      Or the fuse might be called Alt Fuel.
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