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Couple of Cavalier Questions

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  • Couple of Cavalier Questions

    On my 2004 Cav, the rear main seal appears to be leaking oil. Is this an engine out job only? Or will the tranny come out without pulling the motor?

    Also, has anyone ever added a cruise control to these cars? I'm thinking of pulling one off of a 2003 cav that I also have (non-cng). Just wondering if it would work, is the wiring there already? Will the computer freak out?
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    Re: Couple of Cavalier Questions

    I have a 01 cavi so Im not sure if its the same but I know the transmission on mine will come out with out the motor. So it would be possible to fix the the main seal with out pulling the motor if you have the right tools.
    Im not sure about the cruse control but I would like to know that myself. Ive been thinking about pulling one out of a junk yard but im not sure how easy it would be to install. It might be better to just get an aftermarket cruse contol this runs independant from the cars computer. I know JCW use to sell one.


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      Re: Couple of Cavalier Questions

      The transmission has to come out, not the motor, and as far as the cruise, there would be a lot of wiring to be done but is possible.
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