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Question on 2001 cavalier service manual

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  • Question on 2001 cavalier service manual

    HI, I have had a 2001 factory cng cavalier for a year. It has 48,000 miles and runs fine. I have always been my own mechanic whenever possible and would like to get a good service manual to study and be prepared for a problem. I see they are readily available online, but are expensive. I have been watching ebay and there are several 1998 factory bi-fuel cavalier service manuals there. My question is would the 1998 manual still apply to a my 2001, or was the cng system changed during that time. I live in mideast Ohio and cng vehicle experience is very limited. THANKS!

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    Re: Question on 2001 cavalier service manual

    I would doubt a '98 manual would apply on your '01 Cavalier.
    Why not order what you need thru, the source for all US car manuals? There may be a listing for the Bi-Fuel supplement on there also. (On my 2000 Ford Contour, the factory manuals I ordered included the Bi-Fuel option).
    A Chevy dealer parts department may be of some help to confirm what is in the manual(s) you need to order.
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      Re: Question on 2001 cavalier service manual

      I think you guys meant
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        Re: Question on 2001 cavalier service manual

        Aaron, I need your help, did you get your bifuel service manual? I need one, my cavalier will not take fuel,it pops, relief under the tank relieves when trying to fuel. Any thoughts or help where to go. thanks, Hooper


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          Re: Question on 2001 cavalier service manual

          Hooper you need a new HPR. The part number is HPR-3600 cost $275 from you local propane dealer. Go to type in your zip code. Start your phone calls.

          Questions for each propane dealer:
          1) Can you order Teeco parts? (If yes ask next question if not call next person)
          2) Get me a quote on HPR-3600. (If quote >$275 tell them you will call them back call next till you get it for $275)

          Once you get the part you will need to move all your fitting from you GM part and put them on the new HPR dovh49 will post some pictures of the differences and what you need to swap.


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            Re: Question on 2001 cavalier service manual

            Originally posted by ThunderStik View Post
            Can you guys please follow up on this?
            Nothing to follow up on go HERE>>>>>>>>>

            tHE MANUAL is C H E A P
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