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Problem starting--need someone's kind help

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  • Problem starting--need someone's kind help

    Hello Everyone!

    My CNG vehicle turns over but does not start!! Help please!! Just prior to this problem, the truck wasn't even turning over, so the starter was replaced. Immediately thereafter, I had the above problem (turns over but not start). Valves are open, it has about 1/4 tank of fuel. This has conversion kit of IMPCO technologies.

    If anyone has any ideas, it would be a great help. Even more difficult, I am outside of the country and a relative is addressing this problem, who is not familiar with CNG vehicles.

    Thank you for any help you are able to provide,

    Ron Millar
    Owner--Chevy s10 pickup

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    Re: Problem starting--need someone's kind help

    What model year S10 pickup do you have? Is it a bi-fuel (runs on gasoline or compressed gas) or is it only able to run on compressed gas? Do you think it was factory built with the Impco CNG system or does it look like it was added later? If it is bi-fuel, does it start and run normally on gasoline?