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Replacement engine? Hardened valves needed?

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  • Replacement engine? Hardened valves needed?

    Just got a CNG off eBay and it turns out I need a new engine!

    It is a 1999 Chevy Cavalier. I found a reasonable replacement but I heard I may need a special engine with hardened valves and intake. Has anyone else heard anything about this? Any advice is appreciated.

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    Re: Replacement engine? Hardened valves needed?

    CNG if I am correct has no lubricating propertys,so Id bet valve guides are diff as well as seat hardness and possibly valve material as well..However I do not see why a good set of stainless valves and bronze guides would not work.
    Just buy an engine directly from chevrolet.
    You will be amazed at the price for a NEW engine.

    I was floord by a local machine shop saying they could build me an eng but would not give any warrenty

    I just requested a price on macine work and cleaning and I could get a brand new eng from chev for less.

    I bet you could get one new for around 1900

    My price is a bit lower as I own a shop and deal direct with a dealer
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      Re: Replacement engine? Hardened valves needed?

      Thanks for the info! I am still trying to figure out what my best bet is.