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OBD II Drive Cycle for Chevy Cavalier

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  • OBD II Drive Cycle for Chevy Cavalier

    I need to do a OBD II Drive Cycle for Chevy Cavalier. Before I start the drive cycle do I need to disconnect the positive battery cable, replace it and then do the drive cycle? Or do I go ahead and do the drive cycle without disconnecting the battery? TIA

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    Re: OBD II Drive Cycle for Chevy Cavalier

    Why do you need to do a drive cycle? Is if because you need to pass emissions and your sensors are showing "not ready"? If you live in Salt Lake County then your Cavalier is exempt from the OBDII emission test. See link below:

    If you live in another county, then you can check with the County Health Department and see if you can run a tail-pipe "sniffer" test instead. You can run the drive cycle to get your sensors "ready", but as soon as you turn your car off and the restart it, the sensors will not be ready.
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      Re: OBD II Drive Cycle for Chevy Cavalier

      Certainly right. I called Utah County emissions and they said anything up to 2005 gets tail pipe test.

      FYI: to get a vehicle ready for OBDII test the guy said run it on gasoline. One can pull the cng fuse to run on gasoline.

      Thanks for the info.