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2004 Cavalier with DTC 1432

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  • 2004 Cavalier with DTC 1432

    Just bought a 2004 Cavalier and the car switched over from CNG to gasoline within a few miles of putting 3 gallons of CNG in the tank (all that would go into the tank). The check engine light then came on.

    The diagnostic code is coming out as 1432.

    The car will only start and run in gasoline. The fuel guage is showing empty on the CNG tank.

    I have checked the posts and can't find any reffering to this code.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: 2004 Cavalier with DTC 1432

    DTC 1432 occurs when there is a failure of the fuel pressure transducer, it's associated reference voltage or wiring. The fuel pressure transducer is supplied voltage from a 5 volt source coming from the ECM. When the tank is full the transducer outputs 4.1 volts. When the tank is empty, it outputs .5 volts. If the ECM isn't receiving any voltage (less then .06 volts) from the transducer, DTC 1432 sets, turns on the MIL (check engine lamp) and switches operation to gasoline. If three ignition cycles complete without failure, the MIL will go off and CNG operation will resume. The pressure transducer and the fuel temperature transducer are used to compute fuel levels and initiate changeover to gasoline when the pressure drops to a certain point. Most likely, the transducer has failed--easy to change, hard and expensive to find . A pressure transducer from any GM factory CNG system, car, truck or van should work as a replacement. Poke around E-bay and see if people parting out cars or selling tanks might have what you need. If you are handy with a voltmeter and want to try to troubleshoot this yourself, PM me and I will give you locations to check the various voltages needed to make this operate. Otherwise, go to a GM dealer and with their scan tool they can check the whole system on the alternative fuel data screen . The '03 and'04 Cavaliers are great cars, possibly the best bi-fuels ever made--you are lucky to have and it is worth fixing.


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      Re: 2004 Cavalier with DTC 1432

      Love our '03 Cav.
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        Re: 2004 Cavalier with DTC 1432

        Used one $ 229.00 Installed
        New one $ 429.00 Installed - with 12,000 mile warranty.

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