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Chevy transmission fluid

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  • Chevy transmission fluid

    I checked the transmission fluid on my CNG Chevy Cheyenne. It was way over what it should be. I checked it 4 times to make sure. Is this going to damage my transmission? I've read it's very important to make sure you don't have too much in there. I wanted to add some Sea Foam transmission additive, but until this level is resolved, I dare not add anymore liquid.


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    Re: Chevy transmission fluid

    Have a fluid sample done on the transmission oil. They don't overfill themselves. It is possible that the transmission cooler in the radiator can be leaking coolant into the transmission oil--this is not a good thing . Also, the fluid will not have its pink color, it may look more clear or orange. If someone just overfilled it, drain off the excess. There is a full "hot" mark and a full "cold" mark. Check it on a level surface and make sure you are not getting a false high reading from oil dripping on the dipstick from the dipstick tube. Look at both sides of the stick and if one side is higher then the other, the low side is the actual reading.