Hello all I am new to this forum & to CNG. I concider myself a decent mechanic with gas engines but ---- A couple days ago I picked up a 1993 chevy S10 ex military truck with less than 40,000 miles & in super shape. It has the large v6 engine on CNG. It has been out of service a while but started & ran great on the 20 mile trip home. When I went to start it the next day it started & ran fine idling about 10 minutes & then just died & won't restart.
* tank guage shows 2000#
* this is a "baytech" brand CNG system
* the gasoline tank is not currently in truck
* it is firing because it starts when pouring gas into throttle body
* in line cng filter under truck is clean
* all components look to be in super shape,no cut wires or crappy fittings etc.
* can't find any blown fuses in oem panel under dash
anybody have "ANY" ideas where to start ?
I sure would appreciate it. thanks in advance