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  • 2002 Cavalier

    02 Chevy Cavalier runs fine most of the time but occasionaly backfires especially when runing the AC. Talked to a gentleman at the filling station he said there was probobly a small hole in the diaphram in the low pressure regulator. Does anyone have more info on this problem or know a supplier for this part????? I changed thye plugs and wires a few weeks ago, It runs much better but still the occasional back fire

    Thanks TJ
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    Re: 2002 Cavalier

    If you want to overhaul the low pressure regulator, you are looking for a Impco kit with a part number of RK-PEV-2. Just about any forklift dealer can order it for you. There are instructions on how to install the kit included. Make sure you adjust (bend) the tab on the replacement regulator arm per the instructions. Clean the housings and remove any oil or crud--make sure the valve seats are clean and smooth. Brake cleaner works pretty good. The regulator can be overhauled with the regulator in place on the engine. The last kit I bought was just under $90. That being said, if you do have a diaphram leak, you usually will smell gas under the hood when the engine is running. Stick you nose over the screen on the top of the regulator housing and take a sniff to confirm a leaking diaphram. I think your problem might lie elsewere, however, it is not expensive and it is a good thing to replace the diaphrams anyway. Before you finish up, make sure all the hoses in the induction system (from the regulator all the way to the throttle body) are in good shape, clamps are tight and installed correctly. A final check is to make sure you didn't blow up the air cleaner housing with the backfire .


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      Re: 2002 Cavalier

      We would be happy to look at the diaphragm and check for a leak “No Cost”. As far as a back fire it is very unusual for it just to happen when the A/C is on. We could connect it up to the Tech2 and see what the computer has to say. Just let us know if we can help.
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