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2000 Cavalier hard to start

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  • 2000 Cavalier hard to start

    My 2000 Chev Cavalier when it is cold outside has a problem starting. It turns over 3 times and just puts out a sputter, I have to hold the key down for another 3 revolutions and then it will start. Why won't it start the first time? Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?

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    Re: 2000 Cavalier hard to start

    On Chevy Cavilers are known for the hard start problem (especially in cold weather), a few thing that will help with it, make sure you have a good tune up with high heat spark plugs. Another idea is to check you are not loosing gas on the low pressure regulator, if there is a small leak in the system it will allow the gas to escape. The fuel line should hold pressure allowing for a quicker start. If you have any more questions feel free to give us a call.
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      Re: 2000 Cavalier hard to start

      Almost every '98-'02 Cavalier starts like that on CNG. It cranks for a second, sounds like it is going to start but then needs another couple seconds of cranking to get going. Just make sure not to press the gas while cranking or you could cause a back fire and blow the air-filter housing off.