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  • CNG Cavlier/Nevada

    Is it too hot in Nevada to run CNG cars in Nevada or am I just unlucky? I live in Logandale Nevada to enable me to live near and enjoy shared custody of my children and I commute to Vegas every day where I work. I still have to pay child support and the fuel costs are killing me. I'm also a member of the Utah Army National Guard and commute to SLC Utah once a month for drill. As such, I have purchased two CNG vehicles both of which are now inoperable and sitting at two different dealerships. My CNG bi-fuel Chevrolet Cavalier is sitting at a chevrolet dealership in Vegas right now waiting for me to decide if I want them to replace a warped head which they will guarantee for 12 mos or 36,000 miles at the tune of $3,200. If I have them do so it will be the third time I've paid for the same work on the same car. The local and only garage where I live who twice did the same work tell me it is an underlying problem causing the overheating and it will void whatever warranty the dealership gives with their work. I don't know if they are coveing up for the shoddy work they twice did before, or telling truth. I first paid them $1,300.00 to replace the head gaskets about 5,000 miles ago. Then within a few hundred miles I paid them to replace a water pump when it was discovered it was still overheating. When that didn't fix tje overheating they took the thermostat out as a "band aid" to fix a problem they apparently did not know how to fix. As a result, it overheated anyway and instead of replacing the head gaskets this time they decided to put in a new head. Within a few thousand miles it overheated again and warped the new head. Before I had it towed to a Chevrolet dealership I first called the local garage that had done the work and they said they were done with the vehicle and won't even try to fix it despite having paid them over $2,500. Another garage told me I need to take them to small claims court. Any suggestions and has anyone else had the same problems with their CNG Cavalier? I need to figure out if the CNG cars in Nevada just run too hot or what because I have a CNG Ford Contour that I've also replaced head gaskets on only to find the compuvalve went out shortly after and is at a Ford dealership waiting for a compuvalve that been on back order and will be for who knows how long. I learned about the compuvalve problems with the Contours after the fact and that's why I chose to purchase a Cavalier instead. Any suggestions or help would be GREATLY, GREATLY, GREATLY, appreciated!

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