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Replacing Front Hub Assembly

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  • Replacing Front Hub Assembly

    I need to replace the Front Hub Assembly of a 2001 cavalier. Seems pretty straight forward with the exception of getting the axial nut off. It is really on there and there is play from the drive train. Is there a right/easy way of getting the nut off. I don't want to damage the drive train. Any thoughts on how to get the nut off?

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    Re: Replacing Front Hub Assembly

    Nothing special here--just a big nut. You might want to try spraying it down with something like "break free" and letting it soak for a while before removing it. To keep the shaft from rotating, have a helper hold their foot on the brake while removing the nut. If you don't have a helper, the SI shows inserting a drift pin into one of the cooling holes in the brake rotor and turning the rotor until the pin hits the brake caliper preventing it from turning. You need a good socket and a breaker bar--the nut is torqued to 144 foot pounds. You also might need a three jaw puller to get the axle shaft out of the hub. Again soak it down with "break free" before pushing the axle shaft out of the hub. The torque on the hub mounting bolts is 70 foot pounds when you re-assemble it. Have fun .


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      Re: Replacing Front Hub Assembly

      Thanks!! Appreciate the help.