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Cavalier mileage???

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  • Cavalier mileage???

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    Re: Cavalier mileage???

    I've had 2003 bi-fuel Cavalier for about yr & half and normally get 145 to 150 miles per cng tank in mixed driving. However, generally only getting 3,100 psi fill here in OK.

    Record cng tank was 205 total miles on around 5.8 gge while drafting truckers at 65 mph and fueling at Albuquerque, NM fast-fill.

    Worst tank was around 125 or 130 miles with mediocre 3,000 psi fast-fill.


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      Re: Cavalier mileage???

      What year Cavalier is it?

      I just delivered an '04 Cavalier a little over 700 miles and I kept track of the mileage (all freeway driving). It actually got 34mpg on CNG and 31mpg on gasoline. The CNG driving was more mountainous and the gasoline driving was fairly level. Given the nature of the terrain I probably drove a little faster on gasoline but I did the 700 miles in 10 hours and only had two fuel stops. Much of the drive had no CNG available.

      My daughter has an '02 Cavalier and she does almost 100% city driving. She usually only gets about 100 miles per tank.
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