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Major pressure leak after service

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  • Major pressure leak after service

    This weekend after replacing the CNG fuel filter on a 2001 Cavalier near the high pressure regulator I had some major issues starting it back up. The manual stated that the manual high pressure lock-off should be closed with the alan wrench via the access hole in the trunk. I did this. When I started the car back up I forgot to open this back up, and naturally without the fuel, the car ran out of fuel within seconds. Thinking this was no big deal, I opened back up the manual lock off and proceeded to start up the car. After turning on the ignition switch (without even turning on the car) there was an incredibly sound & repetitive pop*pop sound coming from the truck (sounded like a paintball gun being fired) followed by the strong smell of the gas. Has anybody had this happened before? Anybody have any ideas what is causing this? Thanks

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    Re: Major pressure leak after service


    I replaced the CNG fuel filter in my '01 Cavalier about a month ago and didn't have any problems (of course I unlocked my tank prior to starting). The only thing I think it could be is the high pressure regulator. On the regulator is a pressure relief valve that is designed to dump the gas if there is a malfunction (it makes a 'pop' 'pop' sound). That is where I would start.
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      Re: Major pressure leak after service

      Did you ever fix you problem? did your problem continue? what was it? my 2001 is doing the paint ball gun in the cold weather.