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How to bypass CNG sender switch (94 Chevy 1500)

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  • How to bypass CNG sender switch (94 Chevy 1500)

    I have a 94 Chevy 1500 with an IMPCO kit on it that I can't get to work on CNG. The mechanic at Go Natural (formerly Sno-Motion) told me that the CNG sender switch is broken so the computer thinks there is no gas in the tank. The switch is difficult to find, but he said there is a way to bypass the it and trick the computer into thinking that there is gas in the tank so that it will run on CNG. However, after several hours of work (at $90 per hour) he said he could not get it to work and needed a wiring schematic. Apparently IMPCO said they don't have any. So does anyone know where I can get a wiring schematic or know someone who has done this type of bypass before?

    The mechanic said he thought that it would be as simple as sending a specific voltage into the computer, but I guess the switch on this particular system is more complicated then that. He said there are 6 wires coming out of it.